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“What’s for dinner?”

By Meal Planning4 Comments

A lot of moms (and women in general) tell me that their biggest diet struggle is preparing healthy meals for dinner. They do well for breakfast, lunch, and snacking, but then everything seems to fall apart after work/taking care of the kids/errands/etc. Today, I’d like to share what I do to avoid that trap in our house…plan meals ahead of time and grocery shop for the entire week at once. Sounds simple, right? It is!

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Slow-Cooked Chicken Enchiladas

By Main Dish, Recipes, Slow Cooker8 Comments

Ever since I went to San Antonio, Texas in January 2011 I’ve been trying to find comparable Tex Mex in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t exist.
For now, I’ve abandoned my restaurant search and started to cook more Mexican dishes at home. Here’s my favorite enchilada recipe. It requires slow cooking the chicken ahead of time, but it’s totally worth the time invested.

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