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About Us

Meet the team behind  The Family Freezer

Our Story

The Family Freezer started back in 2012 as a blog dedicated to healthy crockpot recipes that could be frozen without any cooking ahead of time. Back then, no one had heard of assembling crockpot recipes in freezer bags! The next ten years were spent writing and testing new recipes over and over again, taking photos of meals on our front porch, and writing VERY organized shopping lists. We started teaching live cooking classes in 2020 and found they were a lot of fun! We’re humbled to currently serve over 300,000 email subscribers, 60,000 cookbook eBook customers, 55,000 Freezer Meal Pro members, and almost 100,000 followers on each of our social media platforms. Thank you!!! Your support and encouragement mean the world to us, so please reach out anytime.

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Meet the Team

Kelly McNelis
Creator of The Family Freezer

Kelly is the wife, mother of five, and crockpot addict behind The Family Freezer. She is currently most excited about teaching live cooking classes where she shows viewers how to assemble 12 freezer meals in only an hour. Besides cooking and eating, Kelly loves spending time with her family and friends, reading fiction, and running outside.

Andy McNelis
Co-Founder of The Family Freezer

Andy joined The Family Freezer full-time in 2016 and still enjoys working with his wife! (Kelly wrote that.) Andy ensures The Family Freezer is up and running, focusing on the technical site development and dabbling in analytics, web design, and marketing. He’s the man behind the camera for all of our cooking classes. Up at 3 a.m. on weekdays, he is a morning CrossFit addict who enjoys time with family and his unofficial role as recipe taste-tester.

Jana Kachmarek
Head of Customer Service

Jana joined The Family Freezer team back in 2015. If you need a password reset or are wondering where to find a certain recipe, she’s who you’ll hear back from as promptly as she can! Jana lives in Minnesota with her husband and two daughters where she is a massage therapist and macaron aficionado. When she’s not working, Jana enjoys sunshine, warm weather and palm trees, and dreams of moving to Kauai.

Deniz Vergara
Contributing Chef

Deniz joined The Family Freezer in 2021 as a professionally trained Chef with experience as a culinary school chef instructor. Deniz’s blog, Gourmet Mami, helps busy moms prepare healthy and simple recipes that taste great.  A mom of two, Deniz knows that time is valuable, so she shows regular home cooks how to prepare inspiring, creative meals that are easy to make.

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