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I’ve been blogging up a storm over here.  In the last two weeks, I’ve written:

I have so many more great posts drafted for you too.  (You’ll find a sneak peak at the bottom of this post.)

Since I know you’re a busy mom, I’ve compiled a list of five ways that you can stay up-to-date with my blog without obsessively checking it everyday.  (But please – by all means – obsessively check too.  Bloggers love when readers visit their site!)

Five ways to keep up with New Leaf Wellness

1. Turn my blog into an app on your iPhone

Turn blog into an app

1. Open Safari on your phone and to to

2. Tap the “go to” button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap “add to home screen.”

4. Type a name for the app.

5. Ta-da!  You’ll find the app on your home screen.

How cool is that?

Now you can read-up while you’re waiting at the doctors’ office, sitting in a boring meeting, pumping gas, etc.

2. Subscribe to my blog by email

Simply enter your email address in the right sidebar of this blog and click “subscribe.”  You’ll receive an email every time I post something new.

3. Subscribe to my monthly newsletter

Enter your email in the right sidebar of this blog and I’ll email you monthly updates.  I’ll share what’s new with New Leaf Wellness and highlight my favorite posts from the past month.

4. Add my blog to your blog reader

If you read a lot of blogs, this is the easiest way to keep up with the latest “news.”  I’m using BlogLovin’ right now.  I open my account first thing in the morning and catch up with a cup of coffee.  (Yes, I drink coffee while pregnant.  I’m such a rebel.)

5. Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook

I share my favorite recipes, workouts, quotes, and craft ideas on Pinterest @kellymcnelis.

If you want inside-info into what my life looks like, follow me on Instagram @kellymcnelis.  You’ll find pics of what I’m eating, my preggo belly on the treadmill, and pics of my two sweet daughters.  Follow me and I’ll follow you back.

You’ll find my Facebook page  I share all of my blogs there, in addition to polling moms’ opinions about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.  I love hearing your thoughts and advice!

I’m also on Twitter @kellymcnelis. I’m not that good at tweeting, but I promise I’ll respond if you message me.


And if you need a little more incentive to keep in touch, here’s what you’ll see coming soon:

  • A recipe for roasted beets
  • How we switched from paper napkins to cloth
  • Why I’ll only work with midwives
  • Easing the transition from one child to two
  • My best tips for running during pregnancy
  • A giveaway for my favorite tea from Birds & Bees Teas
  • My venture into homemade cleaners with vinegar and essential oils

I could go on and on…so much awesome info to share!

Happy Friday, Ladies!

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