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8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 45 Minutes

By February 23, 2015Freezer Prep Session

I decided to prep a bunch of healthy crockpot freezer meals last weekend and was able to make eight in only 45 minutes (including clean-up!).  All of the recipes were very simple and included a meat, vegetable, and homemade sauce.

8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 45 Minutes

I loved the meat-veggie-sauce combo because it meant I could spend most of my grocery money on meats and vegetables and make the sauces with ingredients already in my refrigerator and pantry.

I typically double my freezer recipes and make two of each, but I decided to switch things up by focusing on recipes that work well with different types of meats.  That way, I was able to save time and money, but make eight totally different meals.  Great idea, right?!

8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 35 Minutes

Here’s what I made:

  • Two bags of beef fajitas (I made one with chicken)
  • Two bags of Italian chicken and veggies (I made one with beef)
  • Two bags of honey dijon chicken and red potatoes (I made one with beef)
  • Two bags of BBQ chicken and carrots (I made one with beef)


Now we’re set with dinners for eight busy weeknights.

Freezer eCookbooks

Side note: I’m still loving my freezer baggy stands!  I even bought six more last week with my birthday money.  (You can read more about them in my blog post with crockpot freezer meals from Whole Foods.)

8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 45 Minutes

I know everyone has a different idea about what’s “healthy.”  Personally, I’m looking for the following:

  • Vegetables
  • As few processed foods as possible
  • An absolutely delicious taste (Because who wants to eat healthy food if is doesn’t taste good?!)

8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 45 Minutes

Overall, I spent $77 on ingredients and $60 of that was spent on meat.  The beef was were more expensive than the chicken, so if you’re trying to save money you might want to make all of your meals with chicken or a less expensive meat, like pork chops.

I was happy to spend that amount on eight healthy dinners.  My family of five probably couldn’t eat at McDonalds eight times for that price!

8 Healthy Crockpot Freezer Meals in 45 Minutes

The printable recipes above will walk you through the process step-by-step.  All of the meals are frozen without any cooking ahead of time so they couldn’t be easier to make.  If you’re new to freezer cooking, my freezer cookbooks also include a ton of great recipes and tips.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.


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  • Kelly says:

    This is the first time (or maybe second) I have visited your website- (found you through MSM) so forgive me if you have already addressed this question previously. It is my understanding that you can’t take frozen meat, thaw it and refreeze without cooking it first. Is that correct? We have loads of meat in our freezer (beef, chicken, pork chops, etc)

    • Kelly says:

      I believe you are correct. If I were you, I’d add the frozen meat to the bag frozen (in other words, don’t thaw it). If you’re not able to do that, I’d assemble the freezer bag without the meat, freeze it that way, and then dump it into the crockpot with the frozen meat the day of cooking.

      • amber says:

        actually you probably do it all the time without knowing it! most meat in the grocery store, including the butcher case was previously frozen. The worry about doing it at home is the way you thaw it. If you thaw it in the refrigerator rather than in a sink of water you should be fine. Better yet would be to not let it thaw completely…semi frozen meat is easier to cut too!

    • Jenny says:

      As a butcher and farm girl, I can safely state that if you thaw it properly, you can refreeze it. Especially if you are going to crock pot it…sometimes the texture will change a bit, but it’s not unhealthy or unsafe

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  • amy hillian says:

    Where do you get the labels?

  • Pat Weitzel says:

    I am curious about the frozen veggies? Don’t they get really mushy after cooking all day for 6-8 hours? I prefer my veggies with some firmness to them. I found the note about throwing the fresh potatoes into the freezer very interesting! I do plan on trying these.
    They wil be a great timesaver.

    • Kelly says:

      To be honest, veggies do tend to get soft in the crockpot. You’ll have the best luck with veggies that start out pretty firm, like carrots, but one of the reasons that we love crockpot recipes is that the entire meal melts in your mouth. If you like crunchy veggies, I would wait to add them later during the cooking time or quickly steam them before serving.

  • Kim Jelinek says:

    Where do I get directions for freezing dinners?

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Kim. Right above the final picture, you’ll see some green text and links to the grocery list and recipes. The recipes will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  • Ashlie says:

    Typically how long do the freezer meals stay good for?

  • james says:

    The PDF link for recipes is not working. Please help.

    • Kelly says:

      Hmmm. It opens just fine for me. Are you using internet explorer? Can you try chrome or a different browser?

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Love your freezer meals ideas! Just wondering if they would work as well in a thermal cooker as I do not have a crockpot.

    • Kelly says:

      To be honest, I don’t know anything at all about thermal cookers. If you find out that they work with crockpot recipes, then they will work with freezer crockpot recipes too.

    • Alissa says:

      Thermal cookware and crock pots are not transferable recipes. There is no moisture release on thermal cookware, whereas in a crock pot, you have moisture release. Additionally, you have to bring the contents to a boil before you put them in the thermal cookware. It would take too long to boil from frozen. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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  • Maureen says:

    So 8 lbs of chicken and then it says for the beef 2lbs x4. So 8 lbs of beef too? Also is it 2 lbs of meat per bag? Thanks!

  • Alissa says:

    I went to the store without looking at the directions. I saw putting potatoes in the freezer? I thought you were t supposed to put potatoes in the freezer? It changes the texture of the potato.

  • Sherri says:

    When you say you doubled the recipes and made two bags, did you double the ingredients or are they already doubled? For example, do I need 2 lbs. of meat for each bag or is that 1 lb. per bag? Same with the other ingredients…if it says 16 oz of something, is that 8 oz per bag or 16 oz in one bag? Thank you!

    • Kelly says:

      As written, the recipes list what needs to be added to each bag. (So they’re not doubled.) The grocery list includes all of the ingredients that I needed to make all eight meals.

  • I just stumbled onto your reciepes for the 8 healthy crockpot meals.I have a friend who is diabetic , lives alone ,& to boot is a very lazy cook.If it comes out if a bag,box,cookies or the worst take out ! All things he should not be eating.

  • So with that being said,I’ll be going over and setting him up with a plan to getting him on his way to much healthy eating.I write you back with my progress.Thank you.

  • Sandi says:

    Your recipes look great and I’m looking forward to trying them. One problem I have with make ahead meals is that they are mostly things I’d enjoy in the colder months. Any suggestions for summertime?

  • mary says:

    could you make 1-2 serving portions and still cook in the crock pot? Or would you have to reduce the cooking time?

    • Kelly says:

      I think you could cut all of these in half, but I wouldn’t reduce them any more than that or I think they could burn. Just cut the beef roasts in half. You might also want to consider using a smaller crockpot. 2-4 quarts would probably be ideal. Crockpots work best when they’re 1/3-2/3 full, that’s why I recommend a smaller one and not going below 2-3 servings at a time.

  • Christina says:

    So when adding the chicken/beef to the bags do you cut up in chunks or leave breast whole? For exams: fajitas. Thank you

  • Toby says:

    These recipes sound great! With both my wife and I working full time and having very busy schedules after work, trying to find time to cook healthy meals for our family has been a challenge. We will be trying these this next week and hopefully it will go a long way toward solving that problem. A couple questions for you. Do you add any liquid to the crockpot after you put the meal in or do you just throw the whole work in and turn it on? Also, does the amount seem sufficient for a family of four?
    Thanks again!

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Toby! Just follow the recipes as written. No extra liquid needed. The meats and veggies release a lot of liquid while cooking. Yes, these recipes should all feed at least 4 people. Hope you love them!

  • Dava says:

    I am making for a family of 3. Would you split each recipe into 2 bags. I think you have recipe for 6 right?

    • Kelly says:

      For three, I think I would just cut the amount of meat in half and only use one pound per bag (keep all of the other ingredients the same). Beef roasts typically weigh at least two pounds, so if you want to make the beef meals, I would cut the roasts in half. If you want to make 4 meals with beef that means you would only need two roasts.

  • tina says:

    For the Honey Dijon Beef/Chicken and Red Potatoes recipe: Do you wash the potatoes before putting them in the freezer? Do you put them in a plastic bag? And, would it work to use fresh potatoes on the day of cooking?

    • Kelly says:

      I froze them in the bag they came in. I think fresh potatoes would work too.

      • tina says:

        Did you wash the potatoes?
        Was the bag they came in a plastic bag with holes in it?

        • Kelly says:

          No, I think it was plastic. No holes.

          • tina says:

            Just to clarify. Was your reply No you didn’t wash the potatoes?

          • Kelly says:

            Yes. (I did not wash them.) I froze them in the plastic bag that they came in. It didn’t have any holes, and I didn’t want to open it before freezing. It’s meant to go right into the microwave to cook the potatoes there, so I’m assuming that they’re already perfectly clean.

            Sorry for the confusion! I wish I would have taken a photo of them to explain better.

          • tina says:

            Just to clarify. Was your reply No to washing the potatoes?

          • tina says:

            Thanks for all the information. I’ve like every meal so far.

          • Kelly says:

            I’m so glad to hear that, Tina.

    • Emma says:

      Also, for this recipe, (Honey Dijon Beef/Chicken and Red Potatoes), it calls for 2 teaspoons of pepper. That seems like a lot. Is this measurement correct?

  • tina says:

    For the Crockpot BBQ Beef/Chicken and Carrots recipe: An ingredient is 1.5 tsp hot sauce. Hot sauce was not on the grocery list. Should that be red pepper flakes?

  • Jen says:

    is it possible to add items straight from the freezer and cook for longer instead of thawing in the fridge? I’m thinking these would be perfect to cook while at work but I need 8-10 hours cooking time.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, they will need a longer cooking time if added frozen. Two things to consider:

      1) If the bag is completely frozen, it will be hard to fit into the crockpot (because the bag will be a solid square block and most crockpots are oval). If you decide to go this route, I would at least run it under water for a minute or two so you can break apart the contents of the bag.

      2) The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service recommends thawing meat before cooking it in the crockpot. I think this is because it could take a while to heat the frozen meat to a safe cooking temperature.

      I know people cook frozen meat in their crockpot without any problem, so it’s really up to you to weigh the pros/cons. Also, for what it’s worth, I bought a crockpot with a timer and it’s AMAZING.

  • Tina says:

    I’ve enjoyed every meal I’ve tried. I prefer using fresh vegtables instead of frozen bagged vegtables (califlower, brocolli and carrots). I also prefer to use a vacume sealer instead of zip lock bags. A few frozen meals was a great gift for my daughter’s for Mother’s day…the gift of full bellies and extra time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Suzanne says:

    I am so excited to try these meals. I have a goal, to do as little cooking in July and August as possible but keep it healthy. This will fit into my plan perfectly. Thank you! It was very east to access the recipes and grocery list.

  • Anna says:

    So you have to thaw these meals before cooking in the crock pot..do u pull them out the night before?

  • gessy says:

    Hai there..
    I’m a mom who’s planning to loose weight, since your recipes mostly very healthy and practical, i’m going to save them..
    One question, is it ok for the vegetable to be peel and cut before they’re served?
    Aren’t they get contaminated by H2o as soon as they’re peeled and cut?
    Thank you.

  • Jordan says:

    While making the Honey Dijon Beef and Potatoes, if I didn’t freeze the potatoes before hand, at about how long through cooking should I add them.

    • Kelly says:

      If you’re at home, I’d cook them for about 4 hours (in a 6-qt slow cooker). If you’re out of the house, I’d just throw it all in at the same time and call it a day.

  • Lara says:

    I am out of the house longer than 6-8 hours for most of these recipes to work. By the time I get home from work, it is overcooked. What if I didn’t thaw the meal in the refrigerator the night before? If I threw the frozen items in the crockpot when I left in the morning, it might work right?

  • Arleen James says:

    I submitted my order for the bundle of cookbooks today. I also signed up to receive the labels as a download. I have heard nothing in regards to either.

    • Kelly says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry about that, Arleen. I’m guessing that your spam filter caught them. I just emailed you new copies of the eBooks. Check your spam filter for the newsletter confirmation so you can get your labels!

  • Leslie says:

    Where did you get the stickers on your bags? LOVE them for freezer meal swaps!!!

  • Jan says:

    I cook for a family of 8. Will two bags fit in a 6 qt Crock-Pot? Looks like your recipes will be a time saver.

    • Kelly says:

      You can definitely double the chicken recipes. For the beef roast ones, I would just buy a bigger roast. Four pounds should be plenty.

  • Shelly says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have worked out the nutritional information for your recipes. Thank you! (Specifically I was looking for the nutritional information for your crockpot freezer beef/chicken fajitas at the moment.) Thanks for sharing your recipes; they’re delicious!

  • lisa says:

    have you ever used a foodsaver? I just got one and am in love with it. I have limited freezer space, but have managed to freeze various meats, and veggie preparations separately and trying to think of recipes that are versatile… e.g. I have chx breasts, pork chops, roast, and also frozen potatoes/carrots/onions….

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  • Amanda says:

    I just wanted to send a quick note of Thanks for posting these. It has tremendously helped my family during our busiest season as we finish grad school, working full-time, and preparing for the birth of our first baby. I know sharing these doesn’t generate as much, if any, profit for you in comparison to selling your cookbook, but I am seriously so very very thankful for your generosity in sharing all of your hard work. So, Thanks again!!!

  • DS says:

    Can I buy you cookbooks at my local book store?

  • CA Banker says:

    do you put the ground turkey and beef in the crock pot uncooked or is it browned first?

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  • Tiffany says:

    Oh no! This was only my second attempt at fixing one of these meals and I forgot to thaw out the Italian Beef and Veggies one the night before. I left the house at 8 am and set the 8 hour timer on high. I should get back by 5 tonight – if I just cook it for another hour or two in the crockpot – will it still work?

    • Tiffany, Shh…don’t tell anyone, but I put my meals in the crockpot frozen all of the time! You’ll be totally fine. Honestly, I doubt you will need the extra time. Just check the meat before eating. 😉

  • London says:

    Hi. Your recipes look delicious and we are excited to try them. When you say to double the recipe, and you have 2 pounds of meat listed, does that mean that I should get 1lb of beef and 1lb of chicken? Or 2lbs of beef and 2 lbs of chicken for each recipe?

  • Melissa says:

    I’m having trouble getting the link to the recipes and shopping list to work, is anyone else having this problem?

  • Polly says:

    What size crockpot are these meals meant for?

  • Sam says:

    I just found your blog and I’m planning on using these for the freezer as i am about to have a baby! I am still slightly confused on the doubling recipe thing. For example, on the first recipe it says you doubled the recipe and made two bags. Are the ingredients listed in the whole grocery list on the bottom including a double recipe of the first meal? Basically, do i need to add any ingredients to the list at the bottom for shopping? Also, so the actual recipe listed out is for ONE meal not two correct?

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