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Whether you’re brand-new to New Leaf Wellness or have been reading my blog for years, I’d like to tell you a little bit more about my background and why I decided to start this blog.

McNelis Family

I recently updated my “about page,” so head on over there for all of the details.

I actually get much more nervous writing about myself than freezer meals and sugar scrubs, so please be kind.  If you have any thoughts or reactions, I’d love for you to share them in a comment below.

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Linda Waychoff
Linda Waychoff
9 years ago

Love all of your blogs…and awesome tips….but especially nice to hear more about YOU!

Trisha G
Trisha G
9 years ago

I’m so excited for you to be blogging full-time! It must have been really hard to turn down that huge raise, but nothing beats being at home with your kiddos and doing what you love, and it looks like it’s all coming together for you. Plus I’m super-excited to receive more blog posts from you. 😉 Yay for Kelly! lol

9 years ago

How wonderful that you were advocating for miners’ rights! And now you’re advocating for the health of women and families via this site. I always like reading along, Dr. Kelly!

Kim {Pinspired Home}
9 years ago

I really enjoyed reading a little more about you. Have a great weekend! 🙂