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Homemade lavender sugar scrub with coconut oil

By May 28, 2014DIY

I’m so excited to share my favorite face wash!  It’s a homemade lavender sugar scrub that I use as an exfoliator and moisturizer too.  You’re going to love this stuff!

Lavender Sugar Scrub
What makes this homemade lavender sugar scrub so great?

  • It smells fantastic
  • It’s the perfect exfoliator for sensitive skin
  • You can use it to replace your face wash, make-up remover, AND moisturizer
  • You can make it in five minutes or less
  • It makes a fantastic homemade gift!

Plus, this homemade lavender sugar scrub is also so much cheaper than other high quality scrubs!  (More info on pricing below.)

Lavender Sugar Scrub from @kellymcnelis

The base for my lavender sugar scrub is a mix of coconut oil and granulated sugar.  The sugar is a cheap exfoliator that most people already have in their pantry.  The coconut oil is edible, so it’s perfectly safe to use on your skin.


Here are some of my other favorite beauty products to make with coconut oil: Lavender coconut oil lotion, whipped body butter (smells like chocolate!), and edible lip scrub.

I started making citrus sugar scrubs with coconut oil last year and absolutely fell in love.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

I love making sugar scrubs with lavender essential oil because it’s calming and smells great.  Lavender is a popular oil that practically everyone likes and is a good introduction to the world of essential oils.  (If you’re new to essential oils, they’re simply all-natural, highly concentrated extracts from the aromatic parts of plants.)

I turned 32 years old this year, so I also add some liquid Vitamin E to my lavender sugar scrubs to help lock in moisture and act as a natural antioxidant.

And, if that wasn’t enough, I designed a cute label for lavender sugar scrubs stored in mason jars: Free Lavender Sugar Scrub Printable

Lavender Sugar Scrub with free printable

When you make your own skincare products, I recommend using the best ingredients possible.  I like to use organic virgin coconut oil and organic essential oil from Wyndmere Naturals.

Since I always seem to be pregnant or breastfeeding, I make my lavender sugar scrub with a 1% dilution.  (That means my sugar scrub is 99% coconut oil and sugar and 1% essential oils.)  Here’s a great article about the safety of essential oils, if you’re interested.

Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

Yields: 4oz homemade lavender sugar scrub


  • 1/2 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar (you can use up to 1/2 cup if you want your scrub to have a more coarse, sand-like texture)
  • 1/4 teaspoon organic lavender essential oil (about 25 drops)
  • 2, 400 IU soft gels of 100% Vitamin E (optional)
  • Container (more info below)
  • Free printable label (optional)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl.  (Unlike my coconut oil lotions, I do not recommend heating the coconut oil because it will dissolve the sugar.)
  2. Spoon into storage container.
  3. If you’re using the free printable label, print it, cut it out, and secure it to the top of your jar with a rolled piece of tape.

To Use

  • On your face – Use at the sink or in the shower.  Massage in circular motions for 30 seconds.  (Avoid hairline so it doesn’t get greasy.)  Rinse and pat dry.  The oil will absorb immediately.
  • On your hands – Massage into your hands and fingernails for 30 seconds.  Rinse and pat dry.
  • On your legs and feet – Massage into your legs and feet while in the bath or sitting on the side of the bathtub.  Rinse and pat dry.  (Never use on your feet in the shower because the coconut oil is slippery and you risk falling.)

Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

Storage Options


If you already have sugar and a container, you will spend a total of $32.94 buying organic coconut oil ($12.95 for 16oz) , organic lavender essential oil ($13) for 10ml), and Vitamin E oil ($6.99 for 100 soft gels).  You will only use a small portion of those ingredients to make one lavender sugar scrub. In fact, you’ll only use 4oz of the coconut oil ($3.24), 1/8 of the essential oil ($1.63), and two soft gels ($.14). That means 4oz of lavender sugar scrub will cost you $5.01!

For the convenience of ordering all of the materials from your home, I think this price is worth it and you can use the leftovers to make more as gifts. If you want to save money, you can shop around. Coconut oil is often sold at Target, Walmart, local health food stores, and grocery stores.

Do you use coconut oil for anything outside the kitchen?  Please share in a comment below!



  • Michele says:

    This will remove makeup too?? I have oily skin so would it make it even oilier? What about anti-aging? I’m almost 48 so that’s important to me. Sorry for so many questions!!

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, it removes make-up! From what I’ve read, oil doesn’t create oil. I have dry skin though, so the extra oil feels really good to me. Vitamin E has anti aging properties, so I would definitely include it if you’re worried about that. I’m not sure how it compares to store-bought anti-aging products. Happy to answer your questions the best I can!

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  • Mairead says:

    If you’re pouring the Vitamin E oil from a bottle, how much you add?

  • Donna says:

    I have the GROSS kind of dry, flaking, cracking, ( Irish) white) skin on my legs OMG.. In the summer I can’t even use self tanner because it gets into the cracks and peels off unevenly. Well that leaves out shorts and bathing suits! I long to wear really shorts or a bathing suit but I am so embarrassed of my legs look, I cannot. I have tried a lot of scrubs and “Eucitrin” type products but none, so far, has done the trick for long I fotgot to mention the skin is pretty itchy.

    Now I’m sure I must have some kind of vitamin replacement I should be taking but I need something topical that will really do the trick!


    Icky Legs 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      I’d love to know what you think of this scrub, Donna. I make a similar one with tea tree essential oil and Vitamin E oil that I use on my face. I love coconut oil! (PS you might like my homemade chapsticks too. Great for sensitive skin!)

  • sally price says:

    I love your labels. Can you make those available?


    • Kelly says:

      Yes! You can download it for free in the post above. Just click the link above the pic with the label for the free printable. Thanks, Sally!

  • Amanda says:

    This sugar scrub smells AMAZING! I Just made a few batches for family Christmas gifts!! My question though: what is the shelf life for a batch in a mason jar?

    • Kelly says:

      If you store it in a cool dry place, and use high quality coconut oil and essential oil, I think it will last at least a year. 🙂 Hope your family loves it!

  • Cheka says:

    I made some and used it on my hands and works great. I used the amounts you described but it smells a lot more like coconut than it does lavender. Is that normal or should it smell more like lavender. I only get a hint of the lavender and mostly smell the coconut oil.

    • Kelly says:

      It depends on the quality of coconut oil. Some has more of a smell than others. You can add more lavender essential oil, if you like. I use a .05% dilution whenever I use essential oils because I use some of the products on my young children and on myself when pregnant (That means this recipe is 95% coconut oil/sugar and 5% oil). I’m sure some adults use a 5% dilution on themselves, so that would be 10x what’s recommended above. Feel free to add more to your liking!

  • Ana says:

    I make a similar one with 1/2 cup coconut oil, 3/4 cup sugar, 5 gels Vitamin E oil 400 iu and 2 drops of green vegetable color. For my brother hands. Great.
    Thanks Kelly from Puerto Rico

  • Laura says:

    If using Vitamin E oil from a bottle, how much would you use?

  • Chuck says:

    Can you use Olive Oil? Has anyone tried that?

  • Joann says:

    How do you add the Vitamin E gels to the mixture? Will they dissolve whole?

  • Anita says:

    I was thinking of adding dried lavender flowers, have you tried that?

  • Erin says:

    Plant based saturated fats do not leave “grease” or grease stains. It is one of the healthiest fats you can eat. Dietary fat does not make you fat. Our bodies and brains are starving for good fats! Sugar and carbs make you fat!

  • Annette says:

    Is this good for eczema?

  • Saundra says:

    What can be used in place of vitamin E
    Really like the ideas. Trying new things.
    Blessings in 2016
    Thank you

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  • Kristine Stofi says:

    i bet it would smell good with a little bit of lemon zest 🙂
    cant wait to try this thank you for sharing… 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      Yes! It just doesn’t last as long. You also have to be careful with citrus because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and isn’t the best ingredient to use around your eyes (I use this lavender one on my face sometimes).

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  • Linda Hubbard says:

    Coconut oil also works great on dry, brittle hair. Dissolve 1 tbsp. organic coconut oil in 1/2 cup very warm water. Work into dry hair and comb through. Leave on hair for 15 minutes I wrap my hair in a towel while waiting. This is a good time to give yourself a pedicure manicure! Wash and style hair as usual!

  • Sheryl says:

    I use coconut oil for everything…..I brush my teeth with it using Coconut oil a pinch of baking soda and cinnamon for flavor plus cinnamon is great for you……I use it in a smoothie every morning ( 1 tsp Chia seeds soaked in a splash of Coconut milk or Almond milk wait about minutes then add 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit I also add a beet, a scoop of vanilla whey powder and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil mix well drink and enjoy..put this a blender) I also make a turmeric paste for immflamation and pain ( 1 cuo water in a pan to 1/2 cup turmeric put on medium heat stirring with a whisk until thickened takes about 5 minutes take off heat stir a minute more then add 1/4 cup Coconut oil and 1 tsp black pepper optional which I do is add a couple of tablespoons of RAW honey I drink this 4 times a day with 10 oz water abd 2 TBLsp of Lemon) another is Key Lime Body Buttter 1/2 cup Coconut oil 1 TBSP Olive oil 2 TBSP Olive oil, 20 drops Lime Essential oil and 20 drops of Lemon Essential oil you meed to put this in a mixer all ingredients and whip for about 6 minutes stop mixer and scrap down after 3 minutes then continue until desired testure….and even though is smells great don’t eat it

  • Rebecca says:

    This is such a wonderful thing! I’ll never buy another scrub again! You have to be a little bit careful with the essential oils if you’re using it for a makeup remover around the eyes. I find that coconut oil alone is best for that.

  • Gloria Speed says:

    I am so excited I found you on Pinterest. I will be making my scrub today. I think I want to add Tea Tree and Lavender hope that’s ok to mix together. I am new to the Essential Oils. I don’t have any Vitamin E so I’ll add it later. So many great recipes and easy, I really appreciate easy.

  • Amber says:

    Hi I need to make enough for 20 could you get me exactly how much I need of each thanks so much

  • Rebecca says:

    Do you recommend using this everyday?

  • Stephanie says:

    Can I use grape seed oil instead of the coconut oil? thanks Stephanie

  • Stacy Traver says:

    I just started making homemade sugar scrubs, and I love it. I never realize how much softer my skin is now. Plus I don’t get that terrible soapy taste while washing my face. These make great stocking gifts especially if you are on a budget. There’s one flavor I’m having trouble with, green tea. Smells great in the jar, but can’t smell it after use. Can you use anytime of oil other than coconut?

  • Stacy Traver says:

    I mean any type of oil not anytime. Sorry typo.

  • dreamy says:

    how did you come up with your price point for body scrubs

  • Pam says:

    I followed your recipe, but today when I opened it, the scrub was more liquidy instead of more coarse. Increasing the granulated sugar will help with that?

  • gracie says:

    once the scrub is made, how long after is it good for?

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  • Laura says:

    I do not know where you’re getting your coconut oil and especially that small bottle of lavender essential oil. However, this may cost much less than what you quoted.

  • Kelly says:

    could I add some fresh lavendar buds for color/presentation? (Or would they turn brown etc.?) I have a lot of lavendar in the garden…

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