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Homemade naturally tinted lip balm

By March 12, 2014 DIY

Finally!!  An all-natural lip balm with a hint of color.  This homemade naturally tinted lip balm is moisturizing, smells great, and is so easy to make!

Homemade Naturally Tinted Lip Balm

I haven’t worn colored lip gloss or lipstick in years.  It always sounds nice for a date night or family photo, but by the time I go to bed my lips are dry and sore.

My lips are perfectly soft, thanks to my edible sweet coconut lip scrub and homemade chapstick.

So, why not add some all-natural color in the mix for special occasions?  Truth be told, I love this homemade naturally tinted lip balm so much that I’ve even been wearing it around the house and to preschool drop-off.  (Because, really, my favorite combo of printed leggings and a t-shirt borrowed from my husband just isn’t complete without some colored lip balm.)

This homemade lip balm adds a hint of color, plus a double dose of moisture from coconut oil and Vitamin E.  Perfect for women like me who have dry lips, but still want some color.

I also add some Melissa essential oil from Wyndmere Naturals for a sweet lemony smell and finish off the package with a cute homemade label.  Here’s the free printable so you can use it too: Free Lip Balm Printable

The color looks dark in the tube, but it’s actually very light and glossy.  You don’t need a mirror to apply it and I think it would look good on everyone.  My friends and family have all given it a rave reviews.  I even dab some on my cheeks sometimes for a fresh, rosy glow.

Homemade naturally tinted lip balm from @kellymcnelis
Homemade naturally tinted lip balm recipe

Homemade Naturally Tinted Lip Balm

Yields: 10, .15oz sticks



  1. On your stovetop, melt coconut oil and beeswax in small, nonstick pan over low heat.
  2. Add jojoba oil, beet root powder, Vitamin E, and essential oil, and stir.
  3. With the pan still on the stovetop, use your medicine syringe to fill each chapstick container with about one teaspoon (5ml) of the melted liquid.  (You need to keep the pan on the stovetop because the melted liquid will cool and harden very quickly if it’s off the stove.  Continue to mix the ingredients in the pan so the color doesn’t settle on the bottom.)
  4. Once the lip balms harden, add a few more drops of the melted liquid to each chapstick tube so it’s filled to the top.  Take your time to make sure your tops look pretty and rounded.
  5. Let your lip balms cool completely, and then add their caps.
  6. Label with printable labels (optional).

Enjoy and share with friends!

P.S. If you’re looking for ways to use up the leftover ingredients from this recipe, check out my homemade coconut oil sugar scrubchapsticks, and body butter.

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[…] Vitamin E Oil helps lock in moisture and acts as a natural antioxidant.  I always include Vitamin E Oil in my homemade beauty products, like my lavender sugar scrub and naturally-tinted lip gloss. […]


How do you get your beetroot power to blend? I have tried recipes similar to this several times, and no matter what I do, the beetroot powder does not spread into the oil, it usually clumps into tiny balls. I read somewhere it had to do with the properties of the powder in an oil. I love the color of your chapstick.

Michelle Mayer
Michelle Mayer

Can I use almond oil instead of jojoba? I happen to already have the almond oil…


Hi Kelly! I tried this recipe, but the beet root powder leaves specks of red powder on my lips, which is highly noticeable; does this happen to you, and what do you do to get rid of them?


Is there something I could substitute for the coconut oil as I have an adverse reaction to it? I have been tested, even the purest brands do not agree with me!


Could I leave out the vitamin e? If so do I need to substitute anything else?