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Sure, every pregnant woman packs a hospital bag and stocks up on newborn essentials, but what about the postpartum essentials needed for MOM after giving birth?  Since I’m pregnant with my third baby now, I went ahead and created a “postpartum essentials kit” with everything that I’ll need during recovery.  Here’s what’s inside.

Postpartum Essentials Kit

The first time I was pregnant, I had NO IDEA that postpartum essentials even existed.  When I got home from the hospital, my husband had to run around to our local drug store, grocery store, and baby store while I stayed home alone with our newborn.

Since I’m pregnant with my third baby now, I know better.

Creating a postpartum essentials kit is especially important to me this pregnancy since I’m hoping to delivery at a birth center instead of a hospital and will likely be coming home 6-12 hours after delivery.  (In a previous blog post, I shared why I’ll only work with midwives.)

I think a postpartum essentials kit is a must-have for every pregnant woman though.  And it would make a great gift for a pregnant friend!

(Disclaimer: I’ve had 2 uncomplicated vaginal deliveries so I created my postpartum essentials kit with that in mind.  If you’ve had a more complicated birth or c-section, I’d love to hear your postpartum must-haves in a comment below.)

My Postpartum Essential Kit

Postpartum essentials from other moms

I polled the moms who “like” my New Leaf Wellness Facebook page for additional ideas and here’s what they came up with:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Spray!
  • Comfrey
  • Easy snacks (like almonds and granola bars – prepping one of my snack bins would be a great idea too!)
  • Preparation H
  • A journal to keep track of baby’s eating and wet and dirty diapers
  • Magazines, movies, and books
  • A breastfeeding timer app
  • Adult diapers (The generic target brand was recommended.)
  • A step stool to get in and out of bed (important for after a c-section)

If you’re a new mama, here are some of my other mommy 101 blog posts

If you’ve given birth before, do you agree with my postpartum essentials kit?  Anything that you would add?

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Linda Waychoff
Linda Waychoff
10 years ago

Awesome post Kelly. Awesome open discussion to bring about awareness of the many options we as women have when it comes to childbirth. I especially appreciated reading your informative section about midwife’s. And as you have pointed out, every woman is different and even every pregnancy is different. What a simple but powerful statement you made, “You are strong.” With all of the challenges we face (balancing motherhood, wifehood and careers) we all need reminded of that and we need to know that we have each other for sharing and support. Thank you for that powerful reminder. It is a… Read more »

10 years ago

This is brilliant! I will share this with my clients and friends. Thanks for posting these lists.

Jill Petrush Rogers
Jill Petrush Rogers
10 years ago

As always, I loved your post. As a CLC, I wanted to point a few things out that although worked well for you, may not work well for others Mamas. Lansinoh’s nipple cream is made with Lanolin. Lanolin is extracted from wool-bearing animals. If a Mama has a wool allergy (gets itchy in wool sweaters, etc) she may have an adverse reaction. There are many nipple creams that do not contain lanolin. However, I would encourage using breastmilk on your nipples and wearing loose fitting clothing. If you need/want to wear a bra (because you’re having visitors, etc) I would… Read more »

10 years ago

I’m pregnant for the first time is there anyone that can tell me the reason for the items in the kit. I’m so clueless any info would help. Thanks in advance.

9 years ago

I’m surprised you didn’t include a perri bottle. We don’t have a birthing center anywhere local, but I do use the local nurse midwives for my pregnancies. I’m expecting #3 right now too, and I’m glad to know that my local hospital gives out new mom recovery items very similar to what you listed. I don’t know what I’d do without a perri bottle though!

Amanda curry
Amanda curry
9 years ago

I made these but used witch hazel with alcohol….will they sting? Any one else use them?