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Happy 2017!  If you’ve been wanting to get into freezer cooking, now is the time.  These genius kitchen tools will help you become a freezer cooking pro this year.

17 Genius Kitchen Tools That Will Help You Master Freezer Cooking in 2017My favorite freezer meals are the ones that don’t require any cooking ahead of time.  Combine the ingredients in a bag and freeze them for the slow cooker.  Super quick and easy.

The only tools you need to make these meals are a cutting board and knife, but I’ve tried some awesome kitchen tools along the way that make the process even easier.  I talked to my freezer-meal-loving cousin, Jill, and we put together a list of our 17 favorites.  Happy shopping!

17 Genius Kitchen Tools That Will Help You Master Freezer Cooking in 2017

  1. Programmable Crock-Pot – Set it and forget it!
  2. Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Racks – Perfect for when you’re filling bags in an assembly line and don’t want to spill them all over the floor.
  3. Vidalia Chop Wizard – I hate chopping onions, so this is a must-have.
  4. Programmable Rice Cooker – We use ours multiple times a week and you can even steam veggies in the top.
  5. Instant Pot – All the rage and Jill’s new obsession.
  6. Freezer Cooking Apron – Quickly dry veggies and wipe your hands as you go.
  7. Wi-Fi Outlet Timer – Turn your old crockpot into a programmable one!
  8. Mini Whisks – Jill thinks these are the cutest things ever and she uses them to quickly mix sauces and spices.
  9. Shredder Claws – Super easy way to shred meat after cooking so it absorbs more liquid in the crock.
  10. Kitchen & Herbs Scissors – Jill uses these to cut raw meat (“blades separate for thorough and easy cleaning”)
  11. Garlic Twist – I have used many a garlic mincer in my life and nothing is as pain free and easily washable as this one.
  12. Cutting Board Set – Dishwasher-safe!
  13. Citrus Juicer – The strainer makes sure no seeds get in the juice, and it has a convenient measuring cup and pouring spout.
  14. Simple Kitchen Scale – Perfect for measuring bulk meat and veggies.
  15. Water-Resistant Freezer Labels – a Sharpie works great too, but our Freezer eCookbooks contain filled out labels that you can print on these stickers.
  16. 8-inch Chef’s Knife – I use this knife to chop everything.  It’s amazing.
  17. Palm Peeler – Super cool for peeling carrots.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite kitchen tool? Please share in a comment below!

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7 years ago

I knew I needed the Jokari hands free bag holders when I was planning to make my first freeze ahead crockpot meals. I bought two on Ebay. I was right, they were invaluable for holding up the freezer bags while I was putting food in them. Definitely worth the purchase. I wish I’d bought 4 of them!

Jill Petrush Rogers
7 years ago
Reply to  Patty

Patty, stock up! It’s definitely worth having more than two!!