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A homemade foaming wipe solution for cloth diapers?  Sign me up!

Homemade foaming cloth diaper wipe solutionHomemade foaming cloth diaper wipe solution

I’m so excited to be using cloth diapers with my third baby, thanks to some awesome advice from a cloth diapering expert.

Not only do I love cloth diapers, but cloth wipes are AWESOME.  I even started making my own foaming solution for them.  I know most people use a regular old spray bottle with cloth wipes, but I like how this foaming wipe solution can be pumped right onto a wipe instead of surprising my baby with a spray to her bottom.  Plus foam is so fun!

Here’s what I love about my homemade foaming cloth diaper wipe solution:

  • It’s cheap
  • I can make it in less than 60 seconds
  • It’s all-natural
  • It’s antibacterial, but won’t dry out baby’s skin
  • It works great
  • It smells great

All you need to do is combine some soap, coconut oil, essential oils, and water in a foaming soap dispenser and you’re ready to change some diapers.

Ingredients for cloth diaper wipe solution

I add coconut oil to my homemade cloth diaper wipe solution because it’s moisturizing and has antibacterial properties.  (More info about the benefits of coconut oil here.)

I also add tea tree and lavender essential oils.  They up the antibacterial properties of the wipe solution and they smell great.  (More about using tea tree oil with cloth diapers here).

Since I only want to use products that are all-natural and safe for my little one, I use high-quality essential oils from  Wyndmere Naturals and a 1% dilution.  (That means my wipe solution is 99% water, soap, and coconut oil and 1% essential oils.)  Some recipes for wipe solution call for less than a 1% dilution, but I don’t see how  you can get much of the antibacterial benefits with that amount.  (Here’s a great article about the safety of essential oils, if you’re interested.)

Homemade Foaming Cloth Diaper Wipe Solution

Yields: 7.5 fl oz foaming cloth diaper wipe solution



  1. Pour all ingredients in your foaming soap dispenser.  (A funnel will help you avoid making a mess, but you can also add ingredients carefully with the spout of a liquid measuring cup.)
  2. Shake gently to combine.


You have a couple of options for storing your foaming cloth diaper wipe solution:

  • You can buy a foaming hand soap container (filled with hand soap) on Amazon or at your local grocery store.  Just use the soap and wash out the container.  (I’ve done this a couple of times and they work just fine.  After a month or two the containers wear out and you need to replace.  They also start to leak so I don’t recommend putting one in your diaper bag for on-the-go.)
  • You can buy an empty container with a foam pump that’s designed for use with essential oils from Wyndmere Naturals.  (Convenient if you’re also ordering essential oils from them.)  This 7oz plastic bottle with foam pump would work great and it has a lid so I think it would work for traveling, too.
  • You can buy an empty soap container with a foam pump.  This empty foam pump on Amazon looks like it will work and it comes in a lot of fun colors.  (Note: This container holds 13.2 oz so this recipe won’t fill it to the top.)


  1. Some separation of the wipe solution may occur, so shake gently before each use.
  2. Pump once onto a cloth wipe (or a tissue, in a pinch) and wipe away!

This foaming cloth diaper wipe solution will stay good for about two weeks and you should have no problem using it in that time if you’re regularly using cloth wipes.  Happy diaper changing!

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9 years ago

Does the coconut oil not solidify? I started using organic olive oil in my diaper solution spray bottle because the coconut oil clogged up the sprayer.

8 years ago

Do you use dry wipes with this or wet ones.

Rae Ann
Rae Ann
8 years ago

About how many foaming bottles can you get with that size essential oils?

8 years ago

I was using a solution like this but when I washed my wipes with my pocket diapers, the coconut oil residue bonded to their liners making them leak badly. Has this happened to anyone else? I stopped using them because of this, but now I’m having trouble with diaper rash which I never had with the coconut oil/dr bronners wipes.


8 years ago

What happens after two weeks?

8 years ago

I would say it was the E/O that essentially melted the pul In the pockets. A good way to test this would be to try it without E/O and see if it happens. Essential oils sometimes melt plastic but it depends on the plastic and I bet that that happen to pul.