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Frequently Asked Questions

Which crockpot do you use?

I like the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook 'n Carry Slow Cooker.

What are those green things that hold your freezer bags?

I use Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Racks that I bought from Amazon. They do a great job of keeping my bags upright when I'm filling them in an assembly line!

Where can I find the freezer meal labels?

All of the eBooks and meal plans in our "downloads" section have filled out freezer meal labels. For individual recipes that you select, I recommend writing on the freezer bags with a sharpie (disposable bag) or grease pencil (reusable bag). You can also cut the directions from the recipe and tape it to the bag with clear shipping tape. We would love to update our site to auto-generate labels at some point. It's on our list!

Can I change the number of servings?

The average number of servings is 4-6, but you can edit it in your menu. If you're cooking for less people, I would leave the number of servings as-is and split the ingredients into two freezer bags so you can use up all the ingredients (a whole can of beans, pound of meat, etc.). If you're cooking for more people, I would double the recipe.

Can your crockpot recipes be cooked in an Instant Pot pressure cooker?

If a recipe has at least a cup of liquid it can be cooked in an Instant Pot. Here's my method for cooking freezer meals in my Instant Pot:
1. Saute for 5 minutes to release some liquid.
2. Pressure cook (15 min for bite-sized meat, 20 min for whole chicken breasts, 60 min for roasts).
3. Natural release.

Can you please create an app?

Our current site is mobile-responsive, but an app is definitely on our list! It will take time and money to develop, but we're on it.

More questions?

Email [email protected] and Jana will respond asap.