Camping Freezer Meals


Easy recipes for your campfire or grill!

  • 10 brand-new recipes that can be assembled without any cooking ahead of time and frozen for months
  • Cooking instructions for foil packs that can be cooked on a grill or campfire
  • Color photos of the cooked meals
  • Full nutritional information
  • A printer-friendly format
  • A super-organized shopping list
  • Freezer meal labels
  • And more!

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Hi! I’m Kelly, a mom of five, and I'm about to become your recipe-creating, list-making best friend!

When I started blogging back in 2012, I noticed that the posts people loved the most were the ones about quick, healthy, freezer meals I made. I received dozens of comments asking if I had any other recipes I could share or where similar ones might be.

I realized that I, or rather The Family Freezer, was the best friend that so many of my online readers needed.

They needed someone who could create, plan, and organize quick, healthy freezer recipes so that they wouldn’t have to spend time doing that themselves. We know that everyone has distinct skills and strengths, well THESE are my skills! I am great at creating simple, healthy recipes for the freezer, and I am also great at organizing shopping lists and meal plans. I am your recipe-creating, list-making best friend!

I created hundreds of recipes and packaged them into eBooks and Meal Plans.

“My husband and I love, love, love how easy and flavorful these meals are! In the past, I have tried several crockpot and freezer meals via Pinterest and the internet. None have been as streamlined, easy to prep, and yummy as yours.”


“I have a family of 6 and I'm a stickler for sitting down for dinner every night but we both work full time and have very busy "after work" schedules with all the kids' activities! I love being at work at about 4:30, knowing that dinner is almost ready. Thanks for the great meals and peace of mind!”


“I love that these cook books and great recipes have got us cooking as a family again! As a busy, work from home Dad, it makes the house smell great and nearly all recipes are things that need little to no “watching” all day.”


“I love that the recipes are made with real foods, so I feel good about feeding them to my family! Especially as a full-time working mom of two, these have made my evenings much less stressful and allowed me to be more present with our kiddos for the couple of hours we have each night.”


“I have four young children and my husband and I both work. If it weren't for freezer cooking, we would eat out far too often. I love being able to cook 10-15 meals in just a few hours, freeze them, and then pull them out as we need them.”


“Having a home cooked meal, ready and hot when I walk in the door every day has changed my life. I have more time and energy to apply in other areas: I've dropped 25 lbs, my job performance has improved, I look and feel healthier, and I've managed to find the time and energy to start dealing with the root causes of my depression. I've even had the strength to conduct a job search to get myself out of my miserable job and into something that pays me what I'm worth. And I'm even dating again!”


Will my easy method of freezer meals work for you?

  • You like simple recipes with ingredients that you can pronounce. (Most of our recipes have 10 ingredients or less.)
  • You don’t have an hour to cook dinner every night. 
  • You’re cooking for 2 or more people. (Most of the recipes have 4-6 servings. If you’re cooking for two, eat the leftovers for lunch the next day or split the recipes in half.)

My freezer recipes will make it easy for you to feed your family healthy meals on busy weeknights.

It's So Simple


Chop the meat and veggies, and combine in freezer bags with sauces and spices.


Stack your meals in the freezer and store for up to three months.


Thaw and cook in foil packs on a grill or campfire.

Can you imagine having dinner on autopilot?

No last-minute trips to the grocery store.
No searching through your fridge for something to make.
No extra takeout.

Introducing the Camping Freezer Meals Cookbook

This brand-new meal cookbook contains 10 easy and healthy recipes that can be cooked over a grill or campfire:

  1. Fiesta Chicken
  2. Gnocchi and Sausage
  3. Sweet Chili Chicken and String Beans
  4. Chicken Fajitas
  5. Steak Fajitas
  6. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
  7. Pizza Pita Pocket
  8. Apple Crisp
  9. Sausage, Peppers, and Onions
  10. Cheesy Breakfast Hash Browns

Click here to see an example.

Plus a full grocery shopping list, printable freezer meal labels, color photos of the cooked meals, full nutritional info, and more!

What's the Catch?

PDF cookbooks don’t have printing or publishing costs so I'm able to pass on the savings to you. No strings attached.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll love this Camping Freezer Meals Cookbook that I will refund your money if you're not satisfied. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to freeze raw meat with veggies?

Yes. If you’re nervous about combining raw meat with other ingredients, let me assure you that it’s perfectly safe. (Remember, people grill raw meat and vegetables all the time!) The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service explains that freezing food inactivates any microbes that are present (like bacteria, yeasts, and molds). You will also cook the food before eating it.

How many servings are in each recipe? How can I increase or decrease the amount?

Each recipe has 4-6 servings. You can decrease the number of servings by splitting each recipe into two freezer bags and only cooking one at a time. The easiest way to increase the number of servings is to completely double the recipe.

Do freezer meals actually taste good?

You bet. Since they’re frozen without any cooking ahead of time, they cook for the first time out of the freezer. That means they taste like freshly-prepared meals and not like leftovers at all.

Are the recipes healthy?

Yes. You won’t find any ingredients like condensed soup or soda pop. I try to eat as many vegetables as possible and very limited amounts of processed foods. The ingredients in my recipes are simple, healthy, and sold at most local grocery stores.

How are the meals transported and cooked?

Since these meals are made with raw meat, you will need to transport them in a cooler or RV refrigerator so they are stored at 40 degrees F (or colder). The meals will then be cooked on a grill or campfire.

Do I need to thaw my freezer meals?

You will need to thaw your camping meals so that you can create foil packs to cook on your grill or campfire. This also helps the meals cook evenly. I recommend thawing in a refrigerator or cooler for weekend camping trips.

What materials do I need to freeze and cook these meals?

I freeze my meals in gallon-sized freezer bags. When you're ready to eat, assemble into foil packs that can be cooked over a grill or campfire.

How long will a freezer meal last in the freezer?

Most meals can be frozen for at least 3 months so it's easy to stock your freezer with meals to enjoy camping all summer long.

Sounds great! How will I access my cookbook?

This Camping Freezer Meals Cookbook is a PDF file that can be read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. (No special e-reader required!) It is formatted to print on regular 8.5×11″ computer paper, so you can print the recipes, shopping list, and labels if you want.

Will anything be mailed to my house?

Nope! No need to wait. Most people print the recipes or screenshot them on their phone. You will be emailed a link to your PDF cookbook immediately after purchase.