Skillet Freezer Meals Cookbook


Are you looking for easy meals that are healthy, delicious, and budget-friendly too?

This eCookbook is your answer.

The secret lies in the fact that none of the recipes require any cooking ahead of time.  Simply combine the ingredients in plastic baggies and freeze for busy weeknights.  Then all you have to do is dump a meal into a skillet and dinner will be ready in 15 minutes!

This easy method of freezer cooking inspired my best-selling Freezer Meals eCookbook Bundle and I’m excited to add these skillet meals to your dinner rotation. I’ve made hundreds of freezer meals myself and the recipes in my eCookbooks are my family’s favorites.

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 What’s inside this mini eCookbook?

  • Seven delicious stovetop recipes that can be frozen without any cooking ahead of time (each with 10 ingredients or less!)
  • Full nutritional information for every recipe
  • A printer-friendly format
  • A super-organized grocery list
  • Color photos of the cooked meals
  • Cooking instructions that you can print on Avery water-resistant labels and stick to your freezer bags
  • Tips for freezing and cooking freezer meals safely and efficiently

Full List of Recipes

  • Chicken & Pepper Stir Fry
  • Creamy Chicken Penne
  • Ground Beef Stroganoff
  • Italian Sausage Rigatoni
  • Ranch Popcorn Chicken
  • Rice & Bean Burrito Bowl
  • Turkey Burger Macaroni

Each meal will cook for the first time on your stovetop so it will taste exactly like a freshly prepared meal (just without all the work!).

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Over 35,000 people already bought my eCookbooks and changed the way they cook.

“What really sets your cookbooks aside is the level of organization and planning you put into the meal preparation process. Everything from the grocery lists, nutritional information, and freezer labels was so well thought out I was throughly impressed. It is so nice to come home after working 10-11 hours to have a meal ready to go. I don’t have to look up the directions again on the Internet, I don’t have to guess the calorie count, I don’t have to make a a shopping list. It’s all there.” -Natalie

“We love the ease of your skillet meals. They are a nice change of pace from the crockpot. Even better, the use of real, whole foods, and the full-flavored recipes, makes the dinner rush hour at our home a breeze. Our favorite so far is the Chicken & Pepper Stir Fry. Thank you for making health-conscious foods easy and accessible for busy families.” -Nicole

“My family and I absolutely loved the Creamy Chicken Penne. This freezer-to-skillet meal was a perfect home cooked meal for a busy weekday night! Easy prep, quick and easy to cook after a long day, and what a delicious meal! Thank you!! This will definitely be a permanent recipe in our family’s meal plan!” -Jennifer

“We all gave the Chicken & Pepper Stir Fry two thumbs up (and I have a picky eater at our house)!  The sauce had a really nice flavor and one of the kids asked to put chow mien noodles on top.  Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.  I really like the idea of freezer to skillet options!”  -Marlene

“With two young boys, we make at least three crockpot freezer meals every week to save time and to test new combinations. This was our first time making freezer skillet meals. It was just as easy. The ranch popcorn chicken is now a family favorite.” -Amy 

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What size/type of skillet do I need to cook my meals?

All you need is a large non-stick skillet, pot, or sauté pan. You will also need a lid. Here are some examples that would work well:

How many servings are in each recipe?

Six.  The serving size is listed in the nutritional information labels in the eCookbook.

How can I increase or decrease the number of servings?

The easiest way to increase the number of servings is to double the recipes.  The easiest way to decrease is to cut the recipes in half.

Does everything really cook together in one pan?  Don’t the veggies get soggy and the other ingredients get overcooked?

When my cousin Jill and I were writing the recipes we purposely picked ingredients that could be cooked together in one pan. We made the recipes several times ourselves, asked our extended family members to test them, and then asked some of the ladies who like my New Leaf Wellness Facebook Page to try them too. Everyone LOVED them and I am confident that you will too.

How long do the meals last in the freezer?

Most meals will last at least three months in a standard refrigerator/freezer combo.

Do I have to freeze the meals before cooking?

No. You can add them straight to a skillet instead.

Do I need to thaw the meals before cooking?  If so, how do I do that?

The meals need to be thawed to cook evenly and quickly.  You can thaw by placing the freezer bag in the refrigerator the night before you’re planning to cook it (or even in the morning when you wake up). If you forget, you can thaw in water or by microwaving the contents in a microwave-safe dish.  Here are 10 tips for remembering to thaw your meal:

  1. Set a reminder on your iPhone. (This is my husband’s favorite method.)
  2. Associate thawing meals with something that you do everyday, like cleaning up your kitchen after dinner.
  3. Ask your kids or spouse to remind you.
  4. Plans your meals ahead of time and write them in your planner.
  5. Keep a copy of your meal plan everywhere you can possibly see it. (I like to hang a printed calendar on my refrigerator and keep a digital list on my computer and phone with the Cozi app.)
  6. Stick a post-it note to your freezer door.
  7. Display your weekly meal plan in your home where you can’t help but see it. (This is my favorite method.  I have a chalkboard hanging in our dining room and write our weekly dinner menu on it.)
  8. Write yourself a note and place it on the kitchen counter.
  9. Keep your crockpot sitting on your kitchen counter to remind you to thaw crockpot freezer meals.
  10. Hang your car keys on a magnetic hook attached to the freezer.

What’s an eCookbook?

All of my eCookbooks are PDF eBooks that can be read on computers, tablets, and smartphones.  (No special e-reader required!)  They are also formatted to print on regular 8.5×11″ computer paper so you’re welcome to print a copy if you want.

After purchasing your copy of Skillet Freezer Meals, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can download your copy of the eBook.  You will also be emailed a copy to save to your computer.  Thank you for your support!

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